From the perspective of preventing infectious diseases, etc,
the current,In principle, the Musashigawa-beya does not allow general visitors to observe our practice sessions.

“If one perseveres and works hard,
one can always succeed.”
Precepts of Musashigawa-beya

the policy

Musashigawa-beya is a sumo stable with a long history, tradition,and achievement, inherited from the previous master, the 14th Musashigawa Oyakata.

Sumo is an ancient Japanese traditional martial art and Shinto ritual.

While respecting the historical value of sumo, we will strive to be a stable that constantly evolves and breathes new life into the sport.

It is in hard and severe training that a sound mind dwells,and by cultivating a healthy body that can withstand daily training, sumo wrestlers will be feared and respected by people.
And, we believe that it is our mission as stable players to develop the “Yokozuna” who will stand at the top.

We, Musashigawa-beya, will move forward with the responsibility of being missionaries of history to protect the traditions of the sumo world and Japan.

the Master

the History

― Summary ―

Musashigawa-beya was established in 1930 by the first generation Musashigawa-beya, and during the era of the previous Musashigawa-beya (former yokozuna Mienoumi), due to his exceptional leadership, he held 1 “yokozuna”, 3 “ozeki”, 2 “komusubi”, 5 “makuuchi”, 2 I raised “Juryo”.

His accomplishments became engraved in people’s memories in the sumo world as “Musashigawa-beya.”

The new Musashigawa-beya believes that surpassing this achievement is the best way to repay the debt to “Toshiyori Musashigawa” generations, and will continue to train every day.

― History ―

1931The first master Musashigawa (formerly known as “Ouryokukou”) established the stable on the site of the death of master Nakagawa.
1933Closed “the heya” and transferred his disciples to Kagamiyama-beya.

The 14th Musashigawa master (then known as “Toshiyori Yamashina”) was allowed to branch out and become independent from Dewaumi-beya, and established Musashigawa-beya after amicable independence.

At that time, the 13th master Musashigawa (4th president of the Japan Sumo Association) was instrumental.


The 14th master Musashigawa trains 1 “Yokozuna”, 3 “Ozeki”, 2 “Komusubi”, 5 “Makuuchi”, and 2 “Jyuryo” as a master.

・Ozeki:Musoyama , Dejima , Miyabiyama
・Komusubi:Wakanoyama , Kakizoe
・Makuuchi:Daikikou , Buyuzan , Bushuyama , Shotenrou , Tsurugidake
・Juryo:Shigenoumi , Mutetsuyama

2008The 14th Musashigawa Master (former Yokozuna Mienoumi) was appointed as the Chairman of the Japan Sumo Association.
August 2010The 14th Master Musashigawa (former Yokozuna Mienoumi) resigns as chairman of the Japan Sumo Association.
September 2010

The 14th Musashigawa stable (former yokozuna Mienoumi) inherited the stable from stable master Fujishima (former Ozeki Musoyama). Retired from leader.

Musashigawa Stable became “Fujishima Stable” and the signboard was temporarily removed.

February 2013

The 14th Musashigawa Master (former Yokozuna Mienoumi) retires at the mandatory retirement age.
He inherited the name of Toshiyori to his disciple 67th Yokozuna Musashimaru.

Birth of the 15th Musashigawa.

April 2013

The establishment of the new Musashigawa-beya was approved after approval by the Japan Sumo Association’s board of directors.

The signboard of Musashigawa-beya is revived by “Musashimaru”.

the Overview

(10 minutes walk from Shin-Koiwa Station on the JR Sobu Line)
EstablishmentAplil 1st,2013
MasterName of “Toshiyori” :Musashigawa Mitsuhide
Real name:Musashimaru Kouyou
15 people(As of January 2024)
“Gyoji Jonidan” Keitaro Kimura
“First rank-Tokoyama” Tokoken

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From the perspective of preventing infectious diseases, etc,
the current,In principle, the Musashigawa-beya does not allow general visitors to observe our practice sessions.

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